Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last T-Ball Game

Yesterday was Luke & Cameron's last t-ball game. So I tried to be better about taking pictures...t-ball can be a bit boring since they don't keep score or get outs or anything.

However, sometimes it can be entertaining when the whole team runs after the ball. Here's Luke and some of the other kids going for the ball.

Luke waiting to bat
Cameron waiting to bat

Luke batting

Luke running to 3rd

Luke running home

Good job!

Cameron batting

Run, Cameron, run!
Cameron on 1st talking to Daddy

waiting for the others to bat

Cameron running home
Cameron standing out in right field
Daddy telling Cameron to go after the ball
Luke got one!

lined up to bat

last bat

Running to 1st

Home! I thought it was funny how he was running!
Cameron's last bat

Running to 1st

Safe at home
Good game!

Aunt Sara, Levi, ZeeZee & Micah

another one

Miriam's pig tails

Cameron, Eli, and Luke...He's their best church friend
He's the same age as Luke and we've been friends with his parents since they babies!

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