Friday, May 15, 2009

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Today we went to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. We actually got in free because we have a membership to the LASM that Uncle Lee & Aunt Lauren gave us.

Daddy & Cameron looking at a computer that showed animals from different periods
Luke & Miriam looking at another one
Miriam wanted me to take her picture on the frog

This was my favorite part. This lady was underwater cleaning the tank,
and then she got this camera out and took a picture of the kids looking in the tank.
Telling the kids to wait for the picture to come up

She saw me taking pictures so she posed...
if you look closely you can see the picture on her camera

Then she started feeding the fish

Luke, Cameron & Miriam watching her feeding the fish...
you can see Miriam's reflection in the glass

Daddy, Cameron & Levi looking at the turtles

a view outside

Micah was interested in something

Uncle Eric showing us sassafrass leaves which gumbo filé is made from

I was trying to take a picture of Micah and Luke wanted to get in it

Then Cameron wanted to get in

in front of a butterfly display

bees on a flower

attempt at a group shot

Daddy carrying Micah to the van


Tracy said...

Fun day and great pics!

Jenn said...

I love alligator picture. Looks like a fun day together.

Zelda said...

Micah's belly is showing and it's Daddy's fault this time...carrying her upside down!