Thursday, June 25, 2009


Outside the Audubon Aquarium, they had this display to advertise the dinosaur attraction that's currently at the Audubon Zoo.

Luke had wanted to take a picture in front of it...that is until it started making noises
My little angel

Sara, Luke & Levi looking at something

One of the penguins

Luke petting the baby shark

Albino alligator

Jellyfish...can you see my reflection?

Sea of my better pics of the day...
also reminds me of Peach from Finding Nemo

My favorite thing to see at the aquarium...they're always smiling for pictures like me :)

Sea turtle

School of Fish

Shark attack!
...not really

My favorite photo of the day!
I like how you can see all the little tentacles or whatever they're called

Another decent shot
Sting ray swimming over the moray eel

Here's the eel

We went through the aquarium really fast. We went an hour later than usual hoping to miss all the camp groups, but it was still really crowded. Plus on top of that Levi was really whiny. So that being said I didn't take too many pictures and the ones that I did take weren't very good because I didn't have time to mess with the settings on my camera.

However it was a day that we got to spend with Aunt Sara...this was her first time to go with she hadn't been since she was in elementary school (probably right after it opened).

I really appreciated her going since Craig wasn't able to go. The kids didn't even seem to mind that we didn't stay long. They were just ready to go eat at our usual stop after the aquarium, Corky's BBQ.

This is what happens when you spend the day in the heat and the aquarium with whiny kids...
you turn blue (or you forget to change the setting back on your camera!)

Levi was definitely the Klingon today!
Whining like Levi!
Walking back to the car

Luke leading the way

and now that college baseball is over...
the sports fans at our house are waiting for football season

Geaux Saints!


Tracy said...

Great shots! I love the one of Micah! and the Jellies!!! Great job and yeah the settings on your camera have to go back and forth in a place like that! Easy to forget! :) But a great place to practice!

Anonymous said...

I love the one of your little one and your son walking away.

Great job... and I hear you about forgeting to change settings.

Katie said...

that looks like a fun day! I really like shot of the kids looking through the aquarium...and of course, the jellyfish! That one is AWESOME!

mande said...

i loved going there! so glad to get your blog address so that i can keep up with you!

Jenn said...

It has been forever since I have been to the Aquarium. I need to get back there. These pics are great!