Saturday, June 20, 2009

VBS Day 2

Here are the kids & Ms. H working on our aboriginal headbands. You notice Miriam is not in the picture...she wasn't too interested in doing the crafts...she doesn't take after her Mommy for sure on this one!

SW making dots like the aboriginal art
I drew some butterflies for Miriam to color

AW working hard on hers...she drew her whole family on hers...including her new puppy Sophie

LC working hard on hers

Cameron at work

Miriam & SW "eating" in the kitchen

Isn't she so cute?

Of course, Cameron wanted to take a picture with LC again

The other craft that we made was a didgeridoo that they decorated with Australia stickers from Oriental Trading and a sticker label printed with the verse: Psalm 98:6.

Thankfully, Luke & ER were in the same VBS class and their playground time was at the same time as ours so I was able to take some pictures of them too.

Miriam on the swing

My favorite picture that I took of LC this week

SW riding the tricycle again
doing stamps


Jenn said...

Wow. That was one busy schedule for the week! I guess you were ready to crash everyday when you got home!!

LC is just a precious little girl. She has a beautiful smile that just lights her whole face up.

These are some great pics you got.

Carrie Moore said...

I love how you captuered LC's beautiful eyes! And, one of the 3rd graders asked me how y'all made a didgeridoo because they hadn't made theirs yet. And yours were better because the older kids used paper towel rolls which weren't as long!