Monday, June 29, 2009

Room layout

For part of our history of the Romans, we were supposed to read the book City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction...but we're trying to move things along and it's a long book. However, one of the activities that was suggested to go along with the book was to make a plan of what your house looks like from above using graph paper. So I thought this would be a fun activity for Daddy to do with Luke. Of course, Cameron wanted to try to. I told them to just do the boys' bedroom.

Daddy helped further explain it by saying...if a bird was flying overhead, what would he see?

Here's Luke's design...pretty good if you know the layout of the room. The bathroom features are a little off. I think Daddy was too tired to help him draw it more to scale. The thing that looks sorta like an angel is supposed to be clothes hanging in the closet. Also the little thing that's in the potty all the way on the bottom left is a mosquito...because Daddy said there's always a mosquito in the potty!

Here's Cameron's drawing

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