Monday, June 1, 2009

What is “Art is In”?

From the "Art is In" website:
ART-is-IN is a week-long day camp during which a team of Frick and Frack Music professionals develop and produce a full-scale Broadway style musical featuring local 1st - 6th grade kids as cast, choir, and crew in your facility. Auditions, intensive rehearsals, performing arts instruction and finished performances for the public are all part of the camp. With a strong emphasis on helping children discover their unique spiritual gifts and talents, every ART-is-IN residency provided Biblically based instruction and principals along with quality arts education. In addition to the expertise and energy of the Frick and Frack, each ART-is-IN residency comes complete with professionally designed scenery, costumes, props and makeup, as well as sound and lighting equipment.

The Lindsays participating in "Art is In" camp:
2012 - Camp, Performance
2011 - Camp, Performance
2010 - Camp, Performance
2009 - Camp, Day 1, Camp Pics, Performance

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