Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun with Friends

Today while Amy had to do some errands, the younger Shelbys came over to play. Cai, Cameron & Abram made a tent with the dining room chairs and the throw blankets.

Here is Emma posing in the tent

Of course, she always has to try on Miriam's jewelry
Playing in the tent

I love Miriam & Emma's face in this one...
I wonder what was so funny!

Levi got a chance to play too since the older boys were gone to the music camp

Micah & Sarah hanging out

Let us in!


that's so
not nice

to beat up your best friend!

For once, they're playing together nicely at least

Swinging their babies...Miriam pushes like PawPaw!

Emma was really loving the high heel shoes

After the boys picked up inside & outside, I let them watch "Jungle Book"

Still loving the heels!


Jenn said...

What great fun!! Poor, poor Micah though. She looked helpless.

Tracy said...

I can't believe you sat there and Snapped away at the Brutality! Such Mamarrazi! LOL

Your images have greatly improved...I love the ones of the girls laughing!

Anonymous said...

LOL about you snapping pictures while the baby was being taken down.

Laura said...

Of course Miriam pushes like PawPaw... she learned from the best! And don't worry about Micah... she has to learn to fend for herself... especially with all those Shelby bullies around ;) oh and her big bad sister, of course. So why not start early :)

Amy said...

I loved this post! I told you that my kids would get a bad rap from these pictures. :)