Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art is in Camp Pics

These pictures were taken at the Art Is In Camp that Luke attended last week. These were taken by the camp staff so the quality isn't that good. I attempted to edit some of them, but they still didn't look good.

Ian & Luke
Checking out the drama
Studying his lines
Watching the action
Practicing the see he's standing by his 2 best friends
More choreography
Camp t-shirt with Camp logo backdrop
Campers and staff

silly shot of staff and campers
Ian & Luke - the newsies
Luke & Ian with Ben (the camp staffer)...
Ben used to be in children's choir at our church years ago before he moved to Texas...
it's neat to see him return and work with the kids
the whole drama cast with Bro. Phillip
Luke, Ian, Cade & Eli
Luke & Tate - the best of friends
Luke in his newsie costume

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