Sunday, June 21, 2009

VBS Day 4

Today our Bible story was about the disciples and how they had fished all night and caught nothing. But then Jesus told them to fish on the other side and their nets were full! They used the boxes for "boats" to fish from the magnetic puzzles that I brought. They played a game to see who caught the most fish first.

Miriam was in the boat that had a net and some toy fish.

She just thought it was funny to lean on the box and tip it over. Girlie, overboard!

Concentrating on fishing

coloring a picture related to the Bible story

anything to help them maybe recall the story later

They also made boomerangs out of cardboard and decorated them with the stickers that I got from Oriental Trading. The motto from the curriculum is that "It all comes back to Jesus!" So I printed these on labels for them to stick on their boomerangs.
The girls with theirs

The boys showing me theirs

Luke & ER on the swings

The playground that Luke was playing on was on the other side of the fence. He was giving Cameron some cool rock that he found.

The snacks for this day was Pop Ice we took our snacks outside to eat on the playground.

Miriam making sure she gets all of hers

LC driving the RV

AW climbing the rock wall

Miriam at the top of the rock wall

Cameron at the top of the rock wall

Miriam concentrating on the balance beam

Cameron hanging from the monkey bars

Notice Miriam is pushing Cameron off with her hip!

What a great group of kids!

an occurence that happens all through the day...putting on soon as they would hit the classroom or playground, they would shed their shoes...I even had to ask a mom if her daughter could wear crocs/sandals so she could do the same!

They're supposed to be walking on the line...see how well they're following directions!

The other craft that we did this day was to make fish handprints. I've had this fish paper for years so i just used it...I also printed the verse Mark 1:17 on it.

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