Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roman jewelry

We're still talking reading about the Romans...I'm not sure if they're listening. I've made Luke read a couple of the things that way I'm sure he knows about it. So we made Roman jewelry today...I figure at least doing something will might help them remember!

Men also wore bracelet that they had won as prizes in contests.


" Roman women wore earrings that hung their ears from loops of gold thread. Pearls of jewels were strung on the threads so they dangled below the ear." - Classical Kids

Miriam's bracelet


Tracy said...

Very Colorful!

Anonymous said...

those are cool bracelets... how do you make them?

Jenn said...

These bracelets are sooo cute!! Very colorful too!

PS...I love your new header. It looks great!!

Anonymous said...

what curriculum do you use? You always have the coolest art projects.