Monday, June 1, 2009

Art-is-In Camp

This week Luke is attending the Art-Is-In camp put on by Frick & Frack Music. The creative team behind Frick & Frack used to be former Children's Choir Director and Producer at our church. I was excited when their camp was coming this year and Luke was old enough to attend. They will learn a whole musical in a week and perform it on Friday night. Phillip Lanier and Neesa Hart write their own music, script and staging for the musical.

Here's Luke going into the gym when we dropped him off...he's carrying his lunch as well as lunch for the Shelbys. As an added bonus, Cade, Ian & Tate were able to go to the camp with him


Laura said...

It's like he's off to school! How sweet :) By the way you have some typos in this post that you might want to fix.

Jenn said...

He is going to have so much fun!!