Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trinity VBS - Day 1

Not only did we have PBC VBS all week, but this weekend we did VBS at Trinity where the Shelbys attend.

I helped Amy in the kitchen...On Friday night's snack, we served cheese cubes

popcorn, and the trail mix that I had made with dried fruit, teddy grahams, Bug Bites, pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows, mini swirl chocolate chip, yogurt raisins, banana chips, goldfish, Aunt Annie's cheddar bunnies.
They use this VBS curriculum and it was a backpacking theme so Amy & I set up a campground scence in the corner of the room. Here's Luke & Tate lying down on the sleeping bag. Luke was laughing because the necklaces that they made in crafts was tickling his neck!

in front of the campground
silly boys

Cameron was old enough to go this year so Cai was his buddy
since Abram still had to go to the nursery

All the boys

Best Buds!

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