Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - #1

I've done this enough times to know what portion controls are. I usually just don't have the will power to stick with it. However if I have to post my results for everyone to see, it may give me more motivation. I've done pretty good so far today...well that is after the cinnamon roll that I had for breakfast which was before I read about this

Well cokes weren't on sale at Walmart so I didn't get any. So this will make me drink more water at home.

Does running beside your son when he's practicing riding his bike without training wheels count? Also, we are members of the YMCA and hope to get back into the routine of going. Also my husband wants to start riding our bikes more as well. I'm hoping to get the Wii fit sometime as well.

My challenge is that I have no self control. I had no problem dieting when I worked outside of the home. However, being home all day, if the temptation is there, I'm likely to succomb. My struggling time is when the kids are napping or late afternoon. I know if I just find something productive to do during these times that I will not have the tendency to binge.

Well I can't really say that I've had any since I just started today.

Plans for the next week
Portion control and more water


Are you trying to lose weight, change some dietary habits, or just eat healthier? Join the moms at to weigh-in with the details of your week.


Jennifer W. said...

Good for you!! I too started my diet! I am using to keep track of everything I eat. I did not realize what I actually ate until I started keeping up with it. Now, if I have to log in that I hate 2 Butterfinger bars for breakfast...I just plain feel bad about that!!!! Good luck!

Joy @ Five J's said...

I am so excited that you're joining us. You sound SOOOOOO much like me with the self-control thing. I'm exactly the same way.

The only thing I've found that really helps me with my self-control is distraction. If I have a craving, and I just feel like eating — a head hunger kind of thing, not a tummy hunger — I do something else that will occupy my mind…like get on the computer and work on my blog, go play the piano, get on Twitter, or chat with a friend on instant messenger.

So if you need a distraction to help you with self-control, I offer my chatting services as a distraction. Just email me for my screenname. :)

(By the way, I'm Joy of the 2 Moms on Happy to be at Home)

Tracy said...

Well, great Candi! I am doing it too...but can't start until next week!