Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playing with family in Auburn

On New Year's day we drove back to Auburn to spend the night with my cousin's family in Auburn.

After one of the bowl games, we decided to walk to TVBoy's school to play on the playground

MonkeyBoy and Cameron Bob
they are both 4 and in a world of their own
Daddy had to try out the rolling slide

Luke was a little nervous to try it out

it's Cameron's turn

Cameron wanted me to take his picture on this

TVBoy took our picture playing on the seesaw

MonkeyBoy & Cameron Bob

Luke on the sliding monkey bar

Cameron climbing the rock wall

All the boys

Right next to the school was an open field where they decided to play football
Down set hut!

Cameron wanted to hike the ball

the boys playing football

not such a good snap

eventually Cameron & MonkeyBoy just started playing by themselves

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