Thursday, January 8, 2009

Καλὴ ὄρεξη! (Kalí órexi!) - Bon Appetit!

We've been studying about the Greeks the past 2 weeks and one of the projects for this week was to eat Greek food.

We decided to make spinach triangles (spanakopita), mini pizzas, and sesame circles from the recipes in this book.

Amy filling the fillo dough with the spinach and cheese mixture

Rolling the fillo up

the boys making the sesame circles


sesame circle

mini pizza

mini pizzas

spinach triangles and sesame circles

We also got a little help from Albasha.

(Of course, this was more for me & Amy)

fried cheese - Slices of Haloom cheese sautéed in olive oil and Fresh garlic

gyros (a lean blend of ground beef and lamb broiled vertically and cut into thin slices)


chicken shawarma (fresh boneless chicken marinated in garlic, olive oil and Lebanese spices, cut into thin slices)

fried kibbi (Cracked wheat mixed with fine meat, stuffed with ground beef, pine nuts and onion) and

grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice

feta cheese salad

Luke and Cameron with their pizzas

eating lunch

My plate of Greek food - so much for my diet today

It was finger licking good!

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Tracy said...

Everything looked yummy! Especially the spinach things.