Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing at the Wimberlys

After our fieldtrip to the animal hospital, we went to the Wimberlys to eat lunch and play. We brought the kids lunch and Mrs. Gina graciously fixed chili and pasta salad for the moms & dad.

Eating their picnic lunch
Luke & Cade playing foosball
Levi sharing goldfish with Emma

The kids enjoying playing in this ditch...especially the boys

Emma wiping Micah's face...
I guess she needed her face wiped after Emma gave her some pb&j sandwich
It was Hannah & Ian's birthday so Mrs. Gina made them a cake

Levi & Cameron playing foosball

I kept trying to take a candid shot of Abram playing the R2D2 game...
but he kept looking at me and smiling

playing in the ditch
Don't shoot!

Levi sliding
Miriam sliding

Cameron sliding

Hannah, Cade, Abram, Ian, & Luke playing foosball

Big Micah & Little Micah

What a great help! She rocked her to sleep :)

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Tracy said...

Fun day! and Cute, you got some great shots!