Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Yesterday, I needed a new recipe for my ripe bananas. I didn't want to make banana bread because my kids never eat it. I thought something with oatmeal & bananas sounded good so I searched on, my standby for recipes. I found this one that was pretty good and I had all the ingredients.

I don't know if my older ones liked them or not. Luke kept asking "What kind of cookie is this?"

However, my younger ones liked them.

When Miriam saw this picture, she called it her "cookie face".

Levi with his cookie
Micah even got to try one


Laura said...

Yum... i think we're about to have some overripe bananas. Maybe I'll try those :)

Tracy said...


Zelda said...

These cookies are really yummy! I had a couple yesterday when I kept the kids.