Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My birthday

Thanks to all those that wished me a happy birthday today! We celebrated my birthday on Monday night with my family because we had church and choir practice tonight. We went to at DeAngelo's to eat because we had a gift card (from winning Bunco at our Parent's Night Out Fellowship). I had the Roasted Chicken & Artichoke Ravioli

Afterwards, we came back home and had ice cream and Gambino's king cake. Thanks Sara!

Craig couldn't find the 4 candle so he improvised

Singing happy birthday

My boys

PawPaw and his girl

Guess who got the baby?

Well I guess you have a higher probability of getting it when you have 2 pieces :)

and guess what I wore that night ?

you guessed it...RED
(this is my first attempt at editing...I think it turned out ok)

Also, I can relate to Tracy...notice no pictures of me at my birthday party


Tracy said...

FABULOUS job on the SHOES!!! LOVE it!!! Can you send me that picture, on e-mail!!! I want to do something special to it!!

Allison said...

Wonderful job. I would kill for shoes like that

Candi said...

well these are just hand-me-downs from my sister

Laura said...

Miriam is super cute in that picture with Dad! I miss the kids alot! We must come visit soon!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny that you were taking the pictures on your birthday! Love the show picture!

Jenn said...

Great job on your editing. I think you may be the next photography pro around here. You seem to pick up on things fast and do very well!!!