Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sherwood South Animal Hospital

Today, we went on a field trip to Sherwood South Animal Hospital. Dr. Al Stevens and his staff were very gracious to open up their facilities for us to tour....especially since we had such a large group with lots of young ones.

Mrs. Susan showing us how they weigh in the animals with a baby scale for small animals or the bigger scale for bigger animals.

Dr. Al Stevens welcoming us

Mold of Mike the Tiger V's teeth

Dr. Al performed a root canal on Mike V in 2000

Listening to Dr. Al tell them about animal teeth
Comparing Mike the Tiger's teeth to a Doberman
See how much bigger Mike teeth are!
The skull of a bobcat
Still listening...well Miriam isn't :)
Comparing a good jaw (on the left) to a jaw that they removed because it had cancer
showing them a tooth that he removed from a lion in the Audubon Zoo
Cameron showing me a tooth from Dr. Al's tooth collection
Miriam showing me another tooth

showing us orthodontic devices that they use for animals
showing us an example of an ultrasound of an animals heart

One of the vets performing a uterine hysterectomy (spaying)

They use these machines to warm an animal after surgery.
The names were cute:
Bair Hugger

These animals were in ICU

This cat broke its leg yesterday when it jumped off a counter
(notice the orange cast)

Different x-rays
the one of the left and in the middle shows a shattered bone
the one on the right shows 4 kittens in the womb
this animal swallowed a fish hook
this one swallowed a needle

5 puppies in the womb

a dog about to be sedated before a procedure

a dog in one of the luxury suites
He was staying in the...

the owner gets to pick which suite to board their dog in
I guess they are LSU fans :)

a great dane in one of the large run boarding kennels
petting a puppy that is up for adoption
all the kids were ready to take him home :)


Tracy said...

Looks like a great field trip...too bad we had to miss it!

Sara said...

i would've wanted to take a puppy home too

Cynthia said...

Man, I'm sorry we missed this trip. The crud kept us from coming. Oh, well, maybe next time. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!