Friday, January 23, 2009

Houston Zoo

This morning we took the kids to the Houston Zoo...

and we got in free with our Baton Rouge Zoo membership

Luke watching the sea lions

Miriam & Levi fighting on the stroller seat

Craig and the kids looking at the kimono dragon

Micah...always smiling :)

looking at something

Luke, Daddy, Cameron, Uncle Lee & Miriam in front of the giraffes...
Craig said they had to take a picture in front of them because they're his favoirte!

Luke petting a Texas gator...not a Florida one...sorry Christine

scratching his back with bamboo

Daddy & Miriam counting the elephants
Miriam catching a ride from Uncle Lee

still riding on Uncle Lee

spectacled bear...taking a nap

lioness taking a nap

it must be naptime :)

watching the lioness training

they were supposed to be roaring like a lion...
but Cameron didn't want to play along

silly Luke
lioness training


Cameron talking to Luke through the can see Luke in the background

Miriam using the pink brush to brush the goats

of course after she brushed all the goats, she proceeded to brush her hair with the brush :)

Luke brushing the goat

the otter was hiding in this log

It's a G-Hopper and a CamBob!

Whatcha looking at?

Comparing their hands with primate hands

racing down the ramp

Peek a boo...I see you!

Luke studying the map...just like his daddy!

Doc, the old orangutan and the 5 year old baby...they're infants until they're 7

monkeying around

our little monkey :)


lion fish

poor Levi Bevi...he was so worn out


Tracy said...

Love the sleeping animals and Luke! Great fish pics too!

Taryn said...

That's looks like a really cool zoo!