Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israelite Ways

Yesterday, we talked about what Israelite life might have been like in the Promised Land.

We got our information from the same book that we've been using:

"The house of an Israelite was often a very dark place. The Israelites used oil lamps to help them see when they were inside. The oil lamp looked like a clay dish with one edge that was pinched together. A rag or twisted piece of string was set in the dish so that one edge lay on the pinched edge. This end was lit. As the piece of rag burned on one end, the other end soaked up the oil in the dish. Such an oil lamp could usually burn for two or three hours before more oil was needed."

It was suggested to make your own lamp, but we didn't have time or the materials so we just improvised with a pyrex cup with a pinched lip, some string and olive oil. Then I showed them the "modernized" version of the lamp.

"If people wanted to wash themselves at home, they had to first get water from the well in the middle of the village. They poured water into jars and carried them home. They let the jars of water sit in the sun all day if they wanted to bathe with warm water. Then they poured the water into a large bowl. Since the bowl was too small to use as a bathtub, they washed themselves as we wash our faces and hands at a sink....After they washed, they rubbed olive oil into their skin. This helped their skin stay healthy and also protected them from insect bites by forming a protective coat over their skin. "

Miriam practicing washing and applying oil

"To help keep their breath clean, people often chewed on herbs that had a mint flavor."
Miriam chewing on a peppermint stick to keep her breath clean...a chance to eat candy and to get rid of our Christmas candy

"Since many people went barefoot or wore sandals, their feet got really dirty. If your friends walked to your house to visit you, it was considered good manners for you to wash their feet! In fact, if you didn't wash their feet, or have a servant wash their feet, it was seen as an insult or very bad manners."

Cameron washing Luke's feet

Cameron applying olive oil to Luke's feet after he washed them

Luke washing Miriam's feet
Luke drying Miriam's feet off
Luke washing Cameron's feet
Luke drying Cameron's feet off
Miriam washing my feet...a chance for me to get a little pedicure :)
Miriam drying my feet off
Miriam rubbing my feet with oil
"The Israelites often made soap from mixing olive oil with ashes from plants that had soda in them. Dirty clothes were taken to a nearby stream. The soft paste of soap was rubbed into the clothes. As they rubbed the clothes in their hands, the running water from the stream helped wash the dirt out."
Luke, Cameron and Miriam washing dirty socks with soap made from olive oil and baking soda
We even got some rocks from the flower bed to help scrub!
For lunch, we had something similar to what the Israelites might have had.
"The Israelites didn't have much of a choice when they were thirsty. They drank milk, water, fruit juice or wine. Milk came from the family goats. Water was pulled out of the village well. Juice was made from fresh grapes."

"Usually children and their families ate meals of bread, fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese and olives. Beans and lentils were often eaten and fruits such as figs and grapes were plentiful."

Our lunch for the day
"Honey and dried fruit were often used to sweeten cakes and other desserts. Often, people simply dipped bread into honey for a tasty treat."
My dessert of tortilla and honey
After we did the projects, Luke said "that was fun!"
So hopefully, he learned something about the Israelites that day.


Laura said...

This was cute :) You have a few typos in your post though. You might want to go back and spell check (proteched and goot)!

Candi said...

Well that's what happens when I use Craig's laptop...just not as good with that keyboard and mouse ;)

Tracy said...

So awesome! I washed the feet of the lowliest people on was SO humbling!

Great school lessons!

Taryn said...

What a great lesson! Looks like the kids had a blast with this one. And you did ALL that in ONE day?

Candi said...

Yeah we did it all in one was kinda rushed because we packed before school work...then we did this really fast...and then lunch...then luke & cameron skipped naps to finish their other work