Sunday, October 11, 2009

Star Wars Day

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On Saturday, ZeeZee called to tell us that there was a Star Wars thing at Jones Creek library.  So after our friends party, we dropped Cameron off at the library with ZeeZee and Aunt Sara. Thanks ZeeZee and Aunt Sara for taking him!

Here he’s decorating his goody bag
4x6-1009 938
With his finished bag
4x6-1009 939 
Making a cube R2-D2 from…He also brought home a Yoda and Chewbacca cube to make
(you can also see that they had coloring Star Wars coloring sheets)
4x6-1009 1102
Trying the bowling game
4x6-1009 940
With a Star Wars character
4x6-1009 951 4x6-1009 1099
He didn't want to take one with the Evil Emperor...Do you blame him?
4x6-1009 1100
Looking at some of the Star Wars Legos on display
4x6-1009 952
There was a competition to see who could build the Star Wars lego figure the fastest.
  4x6-1009 954 4x6-1009 955

Aunt Sara had to help him do most of it. 

4x6-1009 956 4x6-1009 957  
With the completed ship
4x6-1009 961 4x6-1009 962
With another character…he said this was the man that flies Darth Vader’s ship
4x6-1009 964
Then he got to attend the Jedi Academy and learn how to fight Darth Vader…you can see the Jedi (Sith) helping him.
4x6-1009 973 4x6-1009 976

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This was the perfect day for Cameron…he got to do stuff he liked without Luke being there.  ZeeZee also checked him out some Star Wars books and a couple of space movies to watch.    Tracy, we may not have any books at this library…but we have Star Wars days!  This is an annual event put on by Red Stick Rebellion Star Wars club. He was a little disappointed that everyone was in costume and had light sabers and he didn't have his...well now that we know this is an annual event maybe we'll be prepared next year!


Tracy said...

LOL...You are so right!

How fun for him!

Laura said...

Yay for Cameron! Wish Uncle Eric & I could have gone with him. I'm sure Eric would have enjoyed it as much as he did! Can't wait to see everyone this weekend :)