Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – A Month full of Micah

Hey…who are you pulling in that Lego wagon?  When I first caught them, Miriam was pulling her down the road in it.
4x6-1009 002 4x6-1009 006
4x6-1009 005 4x6-1009 014
Hey that drink is as big as you are…I don’t care…I love me some Diet Coke!
4x6-1009 1294 4x6-1009 12984x6-1009 1297 4x6-1009 1299
4x6-1009 1302
Who’s that sleeping in my bed?  The kids put her on Levi’s bed to play and then she fell asleep.
4x6-1009 1967
She climbed onto the table again to get somebody’s food and when I asked her if she was doing the wrong thing, she gave me that smile.
4x6-1009 2126 4x6-1009 2127
She was trying to play with the toys in the bathtub and then the shelf fell into the bath tub and so did she. 
Being the good mamarazzi that I am, I left her there to go get my camera!

4x6-1009 2223

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Tracy said...

LOL...great shots!