Monday, October 26, 2009


This week the boys game was later so Miriam had to cheer before their game.  We all went out there to watch her “cheer.”  So of course this week she was more interested in playing in the dirt and eating her snack.

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4x6-1009 21384x6-1009 2139
At least she stood in her place…
4x6-1009 2143
with a smile on her face…
4x6-1009 2141 4x6-1009 21424x6-1009 2144  4x6-1009 2145
About all she did
4x6-1009 2146  4x6-1009 2148
4x6-1009 21474x6-1009 2149 4x6-1009 2159
Huddle up
4x6-1009 2153
Group picture
4x6-1009 2152 

4x6-1009 2161
Micah is thinking I should get out there and cheer…because I’ve got attitude!
4x6-1009 21404x6-1009 2150
I’m having trouble getting out there, but look I’m doing as much as Miriam.
4x6-1009 21564x6-1009 2157
Well while she was not cheering, Luke practiced catching and throwing.
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Tracy said...

LOL...his faces are cracking me up!