Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Saturday afternoon we went bowling at Don Carter's with our Sunday school class.  Of course a bowling alley is a hard place to take pictures so they’re not the greatest quality, but they are memories recorded!

Uncle Eric & Aunt Laura got to come along as well.
4x6-1009 1462
Cameron & Luke bowling
4x6-1009 1463 4x6-1009 1464 4x6-1009 1467
C Bob & Uncle Eric
4x6-1009 1478 4x6-1009 1479
Luke, Cameron & Miriam
4x6-1009 1480 4x6-1009 1485 4x6-1009 1487
Look I won!  As you can tell, none of us bowled very well.
4x6-1009 1489 

Micah was feeding Miriam popcorn
4x6-1009 1502 4x6-1009 1503
Aunt Laura & Levi
4x6-1009 1504 4x6-1009 1505
Levi giving me five
4x6-1009 1506
Miriam dancing…looks like she’s doing the cabbage patch to me
4x6-1009 1510
Daddy bowling
4x6-1009 1511 4x6-1009 1512
Luke, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Laura helping Miriam
4x6-1009 1514 4x6-1009 1517 4x6-1009 1519
And this is what happened when I let Aunt Laura hold my camera while I was bowling
4x6-1009 1520
4x6-1009 1521 4x6-1009 1522 4x6-1009 1523

4x6-1009 1524
Levi giving Miriam high five, Miriam with Aunt Laura & Uncle Eric
4x6-1009 1526 4x6-1009 1528
Dancing Queen…I think she’s trying to break dance!
4x6-1009 1532 4x6-1009 1535
Aunt Laura helping Levi
4x6-1009 1536 4x6-1009 1538
I think he’s mad about his bowl, but now he's off to watch the game.
4x6-1009 1541 4x6-1009 1542
Levi & Aunt Laura
4x6-1009 1545
Levi bowling with a little help from Aunt Laura
4x6-1009 1548 4x6-1009 1549 4x6-1009 1552
4x6-1009 1555
Daddy & Levi
4x6-1009 1557
Uncle Eric, Miriam & Levi
4x6-1009 1561 4x6-1009 1562
Good bowl Cameron…looks like Luke is mad about it!
4x6-1009 1564 4x6-1009 1565
Miriam bowling…looks like she’s cheering for her ball!
4x6-1009 1570 4x6-1009 1571 4x6-1009 1572 4x6-1009 1573
Get me out of this stroller!
4x6-1009 1580
4x6-1009 1584
Go Girly!
4x6-1009 1590 4x6-1009 1591
4x6-1009 1595
I think H & E were pretending that this was some kind of ship controls
4x6-1009 1596 4x6-1009 1597
C helping her little sister A bowl
4x6-1009 1599 
All the guys gathered around the game…notice Luke is the only kid interested.
4x6-1009 1600
Mommy tickling Micah
4x6-1009 1604 4x6-1009 1605

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Amy said...

I love all of the pictures of Miriam dancing! You Go Girl!! :)