Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cajun Country Corn Maze – Part 8 – The Joys of Group Shots

When Amy was trying to get her picture taken for Wordless Wednesday, Ian wanted to get in it.
4x6-1009 1696
Ok so this is how it goes when I try to take a group shot...
Miriam is eating chips
4x6-1009 1837
Then she drops them
4x6-1009 1838
Now she's kicking the ones she dropped with her feet...after I told her not to eat them
4x6-1009 1839
Micah, do you want one? Of course!
4x6-1009 1840 4x6-1009 18414x6-1009 1842
Ok, now they're all looking forward, but Cameron has his hand in front of his face...
4x6-1009 1843
Hey, what's over there!
4x6-1009 18444x6-1009 1845

I give up! Let's go over here by the corn to take a picture...
4x6-1009 1849 4x6-1009 1848
I only got 2 and then Levi decides he doesn't want to cooperate
4x6-1009 18504x6-1009 1851 4x6-1009 1852
So I’ll just take a picture of the other 3…
4x6-1009 1853 4x6-1009 1854
Ok, now for the girls...the first 2 weren't too bad...but before long they were looking off and some of the boys were trying to get in the shot.
4x6-1009 1877 4x6-1009 1878
So you see how hard that what about when we try to get all the Lindsays & the Shelbys & Jonah in a group shot = 14 kids 10 and under

This was the best shot out of the 1st five and then we realized that Asa was not in the shot
4x6-1009 1886
About as good as it gets after 14 shots

4x6-1009 1895

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