Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CAJUN Country Corn Maze – Part 9 – MICAH

Just because she’s so stinkin’ cute in her tu-tu and pigtails…look how dirty her face is…must mean she had a good time!
4x6-1009 1898 4x6-1009 1891 4x6-1009 1873 4x6-1009 1872 4x6-1009 1871 4x6-1009 1860 4x6-1009 1859 4x6-1009 1858 4x6-1009 1857 4x6-1009 1856 4x6-1009 1855 4x6-1009 1766 4x6-1009 1750 4x6-1009 1749 4x6-1009 1914
Big Micah took her to see the farm animals because she was crying
4x6-1009 1743
Her & Levi looked just too cute sitting there together
4x6-1009 1910

Finally...all the pictures from that day...sorry to bore with so many posts!

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The Munck Family said...

Oh I love Micah's outfit...way to cute!

Looks like much fun was had by all. Your pictures are great. I may not comment often but, I really enjoy your posts.