Monday, October 5, 2009

Solar System

This week we’re only doing a half-week of school so I decided we would finally read from our science book, Apologia Astronomy.  I originally intended to read this on Saturday mornings, but with football season in full swing along with flag football, we just haven’t had time.  So for now, I’ll try to read it when we do half-weeks.

   We read the first chapter of the book and then made the solar system model that Jenn made.
4x6-1009 302
Right now, I have it hanging from our light fixture above the school table.
4x6-1009 306

I forgot to take pictures while we were painting, because we were having discipline issues and I ended up doing part of the painting.


Jenn said...

It looks GREAT!!!! I tried hanging ours from our light fixture, but it fell and then all the planets cracked open and we had to redo the hanging. Aargh!!!! Tell the kiddos they did great!

Tracy said...

Great job! I love the light bokeh, going on in the first one!

mande said...

we are doing the same science. we made the balloon model from the book. it turned out well, except some of the planets are starting to deflate a little or some alot! oh well, it was fun anyway!