Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't know if this was a good teaching lesson...

Today we read from our science book about the sun. To experiment, we took a magnifying glass outside to melt some chocolate and try to burn a leaf. The chocolate was cold as the book suggested. Of course, the chocolate was melting anyway outside here...but you can see how much more it melted where we used the magnifying glass.

 4x6-1009 1124  4x6-1009 1127

The sun kept going in and out of the clouds while we were trying to do the experiment. We first tried to burn a green leaf, but we weren't seeing any results. So then I suggested getting one that was already on the ground. Once we held the magnifying glass at the right angle, it didn’t take long before the leaf was smoking.

4x6-1009 11254x6-1009 1132

You can see the 2 little spots in the middle where we burnt the leaf…but then it started raining and we didn’t get to do any more.

4x6-1009 1134

So hopefully my kids won't be starting fires this way!

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Chelle said...

My boys love playing with magnifying glasses. I am sorry to say it, but they enjoy starting fires with them too. :)