Monday, October 26, 2009

Flag Football Game #5

Before the game
4x6-1009 2162
As the game was beginning, Luke was counting the players…the other team ended up getting a penalty for too many players on the field.
4x6-1009 2163
4x6-1009 2166 4x6-1009 2167
4x6-1009 2169 4x6-1009 2176 4x6-1009 2177    

4x6-1009 2184 4x6-1009 2186  4x6-1009 2188    4x6-1009 2193 4x6-1009 2195 4x6-1009 2196 4x6-1009 2197 4x6-1009 2198  4x6-1009 2201
See #1…Luke was trying to block him, but the guy was just too fast and he got around him and pulled our person’s flag.  So then Luke had another meltdown and had to leave the game for a little while.
4x6-1009 2202 4x6-1009 2203
4x6-1009 2204
4x6-1009 2205 4x6-1009 2207   4x6-1009 2210
Luke hiking the ball
4x6-1009 2212 4x6-1009 2213 4x6-1009 2214
He got upset again because this team was more talented than some of the other teams.  These coaches have 2 teams and more of their players were fast.  You can see how serious they are with their players were wearing the eye black.  Plus we were missing our best player so it made it more difficult for us to grab flags.
  4x6-1009 2215
4x6-1009 2216
Not only was their drama on the field, but off the field as well…

Levi was drinking PawPaw’s Diet Coke
4x6-1009 2172
and Miriam wasn’t supposed to get any because she didn’t cheer…but you can see she ended up taking it from Levi
4x6-1009 2175
so of course this followed!
4x6-1009 2179
He was happy a little later, but not for long.
4x6-1009 2206 4x6-1009 2211
I missed the end of the game, because I eventually had to take Miriam & Levi to the car because they were both whining.


Amy said...

OH...the joys of parenting!!!!

Candi said...

My brother-in-law said I got the whole story of that game saturday morning with my pictures and captions. The only thing I missed was Uncle Lee and Uncle Chris talking and breaking down each play that was run from 5 and 6 year olds.