Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Crests or Coat of Arms

In continuing our study of the Middle Ages and the importance of family names, we made family crests or coat of arms.  We learned that the primary colors used on these were red, blue, black, green, purple, gold, and silver…bright colors only no pastels!  Usually they only consisted of two colors and simple lines.  The Shelbys and our new friends the Battaglias came over to do the craft with us. So I showed them examples of their families’ crest.


Lindsay Crest
Shelby Crest
Battaglia Crest

11 kids 10 and under making their crests4x6-1009 098

Levi & Miriam working on theirs
4x6-1009 099 4x6-1009 100
Cameron, Emma & Miriam working on theirs
4x6-1009 101 4x6-1009 103
Luke, Tate, Cameron, and Abram working on theirs
4x6-1009 105   4x6-1009 115
Luke working on his
4x6-1009 110  4x6-1009 114
Everybody’s finished product
  4x6-1009 117 4x6-1009 1134x6-1009 1084x6-1009 1094x6-1009 118

4x6-1009 119


Tracy said...

Cool! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!