Friday, October 23, 2009

Flag Football Game #4

On Wednesday, we had a make-up game for a rainout from 2 weeks ago.

Warming up
4x6-1009 2004 4x6-1009 2005
4x6-1009 2006
They were practicing running backward.  Luke fell down and Cameron got some help from Coach Jason.
4x6-1009 2008 4x6-1009 2009 4x6-1009 2010  4x6-1009 2012
4x6-1009 2015 4x6-1009 2016 4x6-1009 2017 4x6-1009 2018 4x6-1009 2019 4x6-1009 2020  4x6-1009 2022 4x6-1009 2023 4x6-1009 2024 4x6-1009 2025 4x6-1009 2026 4x6-1009 2027 4x6-1009 2028  4x6-1009 2030
Doesn’t really look like Cameron is paying attention…
4x6-1009 2037 4x6-1009 2038
4x6-1009 2039 4x6-1009 2041
Luke is upset about some call…
4x6-1009 2049  4x6-1009 2055 4x6-1009 2059 4x6-1009 20564x6-1009 2060 4x6-1009 2064  4x6-1009 2066 4x6-1009 2067 4x6-1009 2068 4x6-1009 2069

4x6-1009 2070
Luke is out wide by himself getting ready to catch a pass.
4x6-1009 2074 4x6-1009 2076 4x6-1009 2079
He caught it!  This was their first attempt at a pass play. 
(Unfortunately I wasn’t ready for it because I was dealing with Miriam.) 
However, another dad who’s also a photographer got some great pictures of it. 
4x6-1009 2080 4x6-1009 2081
After he caught the ball, he didn't run very far because his flag was grabbed. He thought he had made a first down, but the team had made many penalties so he had further to go.  He got very upset as you can see from the pictures…it was truly a temper tantrum…he was so upset he couldn’t finish the game!
4x6-1009 2083 4x6-1009 2084 4x6-1009 2085 4x6-1009 2086 4x6-1009 2087 4x6-1009 2088 4x6-1009 2089
4x6-1009 2092  4x6-1009 2094 4x6-1009 2097
4x6-1009 2098 4x6-1009 2099
4x6-1009 2100 4x6-1009 2101
Bonus pics of the other kids:

4x6-1009 20314x6-1009 20144x6-1009 2078
I love her in these jeans
4x6-1009 2042 4x6-1009 2043 
ZeeZee was saying that she has some faces when her fingers are out of her mouth and as soon as she said it, there went her fingers back in.
4x6-1009 20404x6-1009 2044 4c6-1009 2045 4x6-1009 2046   
ZeeZee was messing with her hair and we said she looked like Elvis!
4x6-1009 2072 4x6-1009 2073  4x6-1009 2077

4x6-1009 20614x6-1009 2090
My other kid 2nd shooter
4x6-1009 2057
4x6-1009 2058


Jenn said...

Awesome pics girl!! My Aaron has meltdowns like Levi. He can be doing great one minute and then just total meltdown the next. I keep telling myself that "this too shall pass".

Anonymous said...

Great shots! And glad to know we are not the only ones with public melt downs