Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yesterday we went to the Audubon Zoo with our old preschool playday friends.  We only go to this zoo when we can get in with the discounted rate. 

Thanks Ms Sherry for planning it!  
4x6-1009 374
You can see how thrilled Levi is that Miriam is pushing him.
4x6-1009 376
Sitting on a dinosaur display with friends
4x6-1009 378 4x6-1009 384
Daddy &Cameron looking at the elephants
4x6-1009 393
Miriam& Daddy looking at a bear
4x6-1009 406
Cameron wanted me to take his picture inside the aquarium
4x6-1009 439

Acting like the sea lions
4x6-1009 449
Climbing on the big oak tree
4x6-1009 453  4x6-1009 460 4x6-1009 4634x6-1009 4594x6-1009 462 
Walking through the Jaguar Jungle
4x6-1009 530 4x6-1009 533
with the jaguars
4x6-1009 536
My 2nd shooter
4x6-1009 555
Cooling off…yes, Kristal it’s still really hot here!
4x6-1009 557
A bunch of silly animals
4x6-1009 559
4x6-1009 560 4x6-1009 561 4x6-1009 562
4x6-1009 566 4x6-1009 5644x6-1009 578
Daddy & Levi watching the orangutans and the other little monkeys kids
4x6-1009 598
Luke checking out the orangutans
4x6-1009 609

4x6-1009 610

And yes, I took pictures of the animals and other stuff..but I'm saving those for my 365 pictures.


Amy said...

Good pics!! I think some of them could be used for you silly face assignment:)

Tracy said...

I can't believe how big Micah is getting and how long and curly her hair cute!

I LOVE the "Sea Lions" image and the one of the cutouts! Can't wait to see more!

Laura said...

The one with the jaguars... it looks like they're in the cage! They look so close to them :)

Marian said...

Somehow you managed to have two little girls that look like your mom. Especially Miriam. Better her than your dad?