Saturday, October 17, 2009

Port Hudson

Yesterday we went to the homeschool day at Port Hudson. Just like last year, I didn't dress my kids was overcast and very windy! So everyone was freezing...thank goodness Aunt Laura had 2 of her jackets with her.

Of course, they're covering their ears because of the cannon. Luke is yawning because I had to wake everyone up so that we would get there on time.

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4x6-1009 1151 4x6-1009 1156
Playing roundball
4x6-1009 1159 4x6-1009 1160
Here's Luke in line to bat
4x6-1009 1161 

Unfortunately the rules are different than baseball and there's only 1 out.  So when the boy in front of him got out, Luke proceeded to throw a crying fit.
I had to take him to the van and call Daddy so he would calm down
4x6-1009 1164 4x6-1009 1165
Burial information
4x6-1009 1166 4x6-1009 1168
Uncle Eric and the kids running up the hill
4x6-1009 1176 
Cooking demonstration
4x6-1009 1181 4x6-1009 1189 4x6-1009 1192
Aunt Laura was my second shooter
4x6-1009 1191 
4x6-1009 1193 4x6-1009 1196 4x6-1009 1205
When we got to the station about field surgery, Miriam volunteered to help! The guy said I don't think she knew what she was volunteering for. 4x6-1009 1200 4x6-1009 1201 4x6-1009 1199 

After assigning all the injuries, he just said she was to cute to shoot…so she was going to be his assistant. He's telling her to hold up the bottle of chloroform to show everybody what they used to sedate the patient.
4x6-1009 1207
4x6-1009 1211 4x6-1009 1210 4x6-1009 1212
Micah kept wanting me to hold her, but I was trying to take pictures so Aunt Laura was holding her close to me so she could touch me! 4x6-1009 1217
The sun is trying to break through the clouds!
4x6-1009 1231
4x6-1009 1240
A station that was different from last year was a candle making station.  There’s melted beeswax in that can.  Each child got a string which they were allowed to dip in to the beeswax.
4x6-1009 1243  4x6-1009 1247
4x6-1009 12654x6-1009 12664x6-1009 1267
Look how cold they are!
4x6-1009 12454x6-1009 1255 4x6-1009 1261
Tired girly!
4x6-1009 1262 4x6-1009 1263
Hurry to the last station
4x6-1009 1268
Don't tickle me, Uncle Eric!
4x6-1009 1269
Learning about the soldiers
4x6-1009 1271
4x6-1009 1273 4x6-1009 1275 4x6-1009 1278 
gun demonstration 
4x6-1009 1281 4x6-1009 1283
Of course, Cameron found him a gun stick!
4x6-1009 1288 4x6-1009 1290


Anonymous said...

You got some great shots. And, besides the cold, looks like a fun time!

Tracy said...

Great shots! Sorry about the cold, would been a better trip if everyone was cold. Love the detail shots!

Amy said...

Fun! Ian just saw this and said what? They went to Port Hudson again. Homeschool day? Why didn't we go?