Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheering…a Little More

She didn’t want to stay at first…She was bawling!
4x6-1009 1308
However she stayed and played in the sand most of the time.
4x6-1009 1341 4x6-1009 1342 4x6-1009 1344 4x6-1009 1351 4x6-1009 1368
You can see Daddy is going to encourage her to cheer.
4x6-1009 1369 4x6-1009 1371 4x6-1009 1372 4x6-1009 1380 4x6-1009 1381 4x6-1009 1387 
After they had their snack, she seemed to try a little more.
  4x6-1009 1417
Sometimes she was making up her own moves…but at least she was doing something!
4x6-1009 1422 4x6-1009 1423 4x6-1009 1425 4x6-1009 1427 
Looks like she’s doing something similar to what they’re doing
4x6-1009 1434 4x6-1009 1435 4x6-1009 1436 4x6-1009 1437 4x6-1009 1439 4x6-1009 1440
This is to the cheer…We’re Big (B-I-G) and we’re Bad (B-A-D) and we’re Boss (B-O-S-S, B-O-S-S) Boss!
(Side note on this cheer: When she first learned it, I told her that's what she thinks she is: Big, Bad, and the Boss. Then she responded by saying, "No, I know I'm good!")
4x6-1009 1442 4x6-1009 1444 4x6-1009 1446
2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar...all for the Y stand up and holler!
4x6-1009 1448 4x6-1009 1450 4x6-1009 1452
4x6-1009 1451 
Maybe she’s trying to do a toe touch!
4x6-1009 1457
Their chant was something like “Cheerleaders Rule!”
4x6-1009 1458

4x6-1009 1459

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