Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Best Friends

or should I say troublemakers?  If you leave these 2 alone for an extended amount of time, they’re bound to end up in the bathroom naked or pouring out salt shakers on my table or snatching candy from the candy bowl.

4x6-1009 654 4x6-1009 652 4x6-1009 653

and we have another set of girls who are becoming a handful as you can see from some recent Micah pics
micahbed micahbed2micahtable
as I was working on this...she climbed into Cameron's bed again!


Amy said...

They may be "trouble makers" or "partners in crime" but they sure are cute together!! Have to get Micah and Sarah together in some pics because they will be teaming up soon enough:)

Tracy said...

Cute! Nice to have a close friend!

Anonymous said...

How funny! And I can't believe the little one is climbing the bunk beds!

Laura said...

What is up with Micah's hair in that last picture!?! Poor things... she's already having a bad hair day!

Chelle said...

LOVE the BFF post! They are adorable!