Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Medieval Eating on Monday

At breakfast, we ate porridge (aka oatmeal).  We learned that porridge was made from any type of grain (wheat, rye, or oats) and poorer people added more water and this was called gruel.

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Oh the faces you get on a Monday morning…I’m sure mine wasn’t much better!
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Micah just used her hands to eat
4x6-1009 2297
and of course washed it down with her 2 fingers
4x6-1009 2291 4x6-1009 2298
Then when she ran out, she climbed onto the table to get some of Levi’s (who wasn’t awake yet).
4x6-1009 2299
Levi finally woke up to eat his, but Cameron didn’t get any of his because Micah ended up pulling his placemat off the table and spilling it. 

4x6-1009 2301

For lunch, we ate vegetable stew served in a trencher (aka bread bowl) and drank mead (made from water, honey, lemons, and nutmeg, but ours was not fermented obviously).  We also drank from goblets and learned that they were usually made out of wood or metal. 
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4x6-1009 2311
For dinner, we baked some bread and shook up some butter.  Sometimes butter churners would chant “Come, butter, come!”
4x6-1009 23144x6-1009 2315
But I sang “Shake, Shake, Shake…Shake, Shake, Shake…Shake your butter!”  which looks more like what Cameron was doing…
I mean “shaking his bootie” at least!
4x6-1009 2319 4x6-1009 2320
Daddy & Micah even helped out.
4x6-1009 2316 4x6-1009 2321
Freshly shook butter to go with our warm bread.
4x6-1009 2323 4x6-1009 2324
4x6-1009 2326
We learned that there was usually only one oven in a town and that women took their dough to be baked by the town baker.  FYI…did you know that “lord” comes from the Old English word hlaford, which meant “keeper of the bread” and lady comes from the Old English word hlaefdigge, which meant “kneader of the dough.”


Anonymous said...

What a fun day. I used to make butter with my preschool class. It was so fun!

The oatmeal though... I eat that every day for breakfast. So I would have been happy!

Tracy said...

How fun!

Oatmeal every other day here! YUM!

Loved the trenchers and homemade butter!

Jenn said...

How fun!! A whole day of food dedicated to learning. Awesome. My kiddos would have LOVED the oatmeal, but would have passed on the veggie bowl. Weird, I know.

Zelda said...

I'm learning so much from your home school lessons. Who says you can't teach an ole MoM new tricks! You're a great MoM and teacher! Love you!